How to Download Cinema HD v2.3.7.3 & v2.3.7.4 APK

Cinema HD V2 APK is one of the best online streaming applications with a massive database for movies and TV shows. With Cinema HD, you can watch any movie or show on your device without having to pay anything! 

There are a lot of people who watch movies and TV shows on their computers or phones. Some popular apps like Cinema APK offer access to high-quality videos with thousands available. Here in this post, we give you the latest update Download Cinema HD v2 APK for your Android phone/tablet, iOS device (iPad), PC, Firestick /FireTVhigh quality.

cinema hd v2

Download Cinema HD v2 APK

How to Download Cinema HD v2.3.7.3 & v2.3.7.4 APK (2021 OFFICIAL Edition)

The Cinema v2 APK is a great app to work with. With the rise of technology, many alternative ways people consume entertainment now and TV viewing have been replaced by portable devices such as tablets or smartphones. 

Cinema HD v2 APK provides an easy way for users to watch movies on their mobile device in HD quality without downloading anything else like iTunes, which can be difficult if you want something besides what they offer.

cinema hd v2

To satisfy your hunger for movies, we provide you with the newest Cinema APK / Cinema HD APK V2! You can download it directly from our link and enjoy a new level of entertainment.

Installing the same on your Android device is a breeze. Watch our guide to getting started, and you’ll be rocking in no time!

Cinema HD v2 APK Updates (BETA)

Cinema HD v2.3.7.4 APK Updates (BETA): v2.3.7.4 BETA

Cinema HD v2.3.7.2 APK Updates (BETA): v2.3.7.2 BETA

Cinema HD v2.3.7 APK Updates (BETA): v2.3.7 BETA

Cinema HD v2.3.6.1 APK Updates (BETA): v2.3.6.1 BETA

Cinema HD v2.3.5 APK Updates: v2.3.5 APK

Cinema HD v2.3.4 APK Updates: v2.3.4 APK

Cinema HD v2.3.1 APK Updates: v2.3.1

Cinema HD v2.3.1 APK Updates: v2.3.1 APK

Note: Please do not uninstall and remove the preset version of BETA Installers

  • The beta version is a rough draft of the finished product so that it may have some bugs.
  • It’s a voluntary installation for those who want to experience the future.
  • The new update will come in a separate app that doesn’t require push notifications and can be installed on top of your current version.
  • Don’t worry about losing all your settings in the beta version because they will still be there, and you can get them back again.

Changelog of Cinema HD APK:

  • Don’t worry about the wrong links because they are removed.
  • On the link list screen, you will show user cached links of torrent.
  • If you faced any problem with Backup and restored, then no worries, they are also fixed.
  • The torrent links are streaming freely now! No more waiting for hours to get a single episode.
  • The feature to choose between “Trakt” or “Movies data only” has been removed.

Analytics Changelog of BETA v2.3.7.4:

  • Network List Updated

Original Changelog of v2.3.7.3:

  • Many providers fixed
  • One of the best things about this app is that it supports many different services for video downloading. You can use Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, or Premiumize!

Analytics Changelog of BETA v2.3.7.2:

  • The time has come to update your season pack support with RealDebrid, AllDebrid, and Premiumize. 
  • Hit the ground running with a new update to fix bugs in 3rd-gen FireSticks, 4K sticks, and Minix boxes.

Analytics Changelog of BETA v2.3.7:

  • Only Sync Trakt Option Added
  • With the update to our app, you can now sync your favorite shows and episodes with trakt.

Cinema HD Analytics Changelog of BETA v2.3.6.1:

  • Links are loading faster
  • Many Bugs are fixed
  • You will not get any wrong links, because they are removed
  • In this recent update, the source code is optimized.
  • Turning off the resolve premium links option as default is a wise decision for many reasons.
  • No longer are you required to request a limit option for your premium servers.
  • Speed has been increased faster than before.

Changelog of v2.3.4 APK:

  • The developer’s team has been hard at work remaking the settings screen, which will be available for testing in a future update.
  • This issue can be resolved by pressing on the file and choosing the Resolve premium link to the corrected file name.
  • The new option introduced for the Default Opening Screen in this update allows you to change what is shown when launching ProPresenter.
  • There’s a new option to adjust the watched time for your history and sync with Trakt.
  • You’ll never have to worry about a popup covering up your resume ever again!
  • With this new update, you’ll now be able to see videos in the order they were last watched.
  • A long-standing bug in the series guide has been eliminated. Users can now play movies from their personalized list of series episodes with no problems!
  • Sync your Trakt account with this program by opening it up before any other programs on startup!
  • The option to show the filename, if available, has been added. This will help users who need a specific file for their work and can’t find it by searching only the title or description.
  • The development team has been hard at work adding more providers and resolvers to the platform. They are very excited about their progress.
  • When you’re browsing for an episode to watch, the “Show aired episodes only” toggle hides unaired content. However, there is a bug where this setting will no longer be checked when one of your selected bugs has been fixed.
  • The new update fixed a bug that prevented users from viewing TV show listings when they were found in the serial guide.
  • You can now keep background services alive on Android 8.0 or higher with the new “Keep service alive” option!

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Final Words of Download Cinema HD v2 APK

That’s it, fellas! We hope that our post helped you out if you’re looking to download Cinema apk / Cine HD APK onto your android smartphone, iPhone, windows pc, Firestick, Roku Smart tv, or whatever else is compatible with this app. If there are any queries or errors while doing the same, contact us, and we will update these as soon as possible.

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